My name is Katrina Kaminaka. I have just moved back from traveling and transitioning into the online working world. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey.

I love to help people by easing the stress in their lives. At the moment I have been helping entrepreneurs with their daily tasks, crocheting for those in need, couponing as I am saving to get a place and travel, reading tons and will have a book page so that you can follow, and getting to know the area I live in just a bit more.

Working with other organizations to optimize my life financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally has helped me discover that I love nothing more than to support others.

Learning, reading, traveling, moving, crocheting, and refining who I am are what get me from one day to the next.

So A LOT has changed since I last posted and so I add this towards the end. I am currently working in a school district with much time on my hands wanting to learn more about how to handle money better (lets face it the school district has perks but if you don’t invest in them correctly well they aren’t perks).

Over the next few days I am going to be letting you in on my journey to save money to get a new adventure going, save money shopping so that I can use this money else where, learn how to eat better so that I am not feeling so quite under the weather all the time and sharing it all right here for now.

Until next time,

Safe travels through life.