Why I avoided blogging for so long

Hi there.

For the last five years people have mentioned that I should blog. That really there are people out there that would like to read what my writing and it won’t just be family.

Here’s the deal. I didn’t want to blog well because I didn’t want all my stuff to be all over the internet for all to see, that I would have another thing to do each day, and that I have to figure out how in the world what I was going to say from one post to the next. I mean seriously why would anyone wan to read what goes on in my head.

Well apparently some people do. AND you are one of them. Thank you. Thank you for your time (I know how precious it is). Thank you for your patience. Most importantly thank you for listening.

I will write when I feel like there is really something that needs to be said so don’t worry I won’t write everyday just to get something up here just because I have nothing else to do.

Thank you again and have a good one.


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