A Free App I am Learning About

So this cool little app that I have been recommended to use to save because I’ll be honest and just say it I’m horrible about saving if it’s not automatic. I am sure you noticed in other posts that if it is in my account I will spend it instead of saving it. Not good when I want to go an a GRAND International adventure.

Sorry, but my days traveling as a broke college student or new graduate just don’t cut it any more for me. I’m not saying that I want to drop a ton of money on a trip but I also don’t want to have to not do something that I love or thought it would be cool to try just because I did not save enough in advance.

So this cool little think is called Digit.  I am sharing because I am learning and I will let you know how it goes with this new app.  I also want to let you know that I do get money though if certain people sign up. Honestly though this is not the reason I am trying this or telling you about it. We shall see if it’s a keep or a flop.

Until next time,

Keep it fun, safe, and don’t forget to save


One Day, One Bill, One Check at a Time

So how does it work? How do you pay things off, travel, save a little bit, and still have fun?

First, I put 20% automatic to a savings account 10% from two of my checking accounts. This money does not get touched unless it is going to a retirement account, IRA of sorts, or to the 403b that I get from my company.

Second, as previously mentioned I have two checking accounts. One for paying my bills such as rent, car payment, utilities, and I set up a way to put money aside to pay for insurance but that will come later. The other checking account goes to paying off the other bills like utilities, groceries, gasoline, and all the other stuff in my life that fluctuates. I have set 30% of the second account to go to stuff like this. The remainder I set aside for fun like small trips, Disneyland, donating to something that I believe in, and a good chunk goes to one student loan after another.

My student loans are in forbearance at the moment and I am also apart of the forgiveness program because I work for non-profits and a school district. This is an interesting way to do it since majority of my student loans were waved because the online universities charged too much and I could not use the degree for anything I was able to be part of a law-suite to pay  a large portion of my student loans off.

The money that I was paying to one bill or loan will then go to the smallest bill that I have. This has worked wonderfully since paying off three credit cards and almost 3,000 (I know it’s not much but I don’t make all that much either though 😉 ).  I will post next month as to how this is going and how long it should take to pay off my car as well.

Until next time,

Safe travels and journeys through life.


Why I avoided blogging for so long

Hi there.

For the last five years people have mentioned that I should blog. That really there are people out there that would like to read what my writing and it won’t just be family.

Here’s the deal. I didn’t want to blog well because I didn’t want all my stuff to be all over the internet for all to see, that I would have another thing to do each day, and that I have to figure out how in the world what I was going to say from one post to the next. I mean seriously why would anyone wan to read what goes on in my head.

Well apparently some people do. AND you are one of them. Thank you. Thank you for your time (I know how precious it is). Thank you for your patience. Most importantly thank you for listening.

I will write when I feel like there is really something that needs to be said so don’t worry I won’t write everyday just to get something up here just because I have nothing else to do.

Thank you again and have a good one.