One Day One Bill at a Time

Since I have written this TONS has changed in my life:

  1. I only have one job now and I get paid once a month (OUCH)
  2. I don’t do the Virtual Assisting any more because I realized that it just wasn’t me.
  3. I am now working being a Child Advocate because this is what I am passionate about at the moment.
  4. I am starting to work with young women to help them realize that traveling and experiencing life is so much more meaningful than just studying it in books or reading about it in a magazine.
  5. I am also considering Uber.

Other things that have changed in my life are:

  1. I pay rent $500 USD/mo (I know it’s not much but it’s more than free)
  2. I have a care payment $300 per month
  3. I have paid off $4000 in credit card debt
  4. I am working on getting half or more of my student loans waved because the universities did not do as they promised.
  5. I am using Digit and hopefully it will help me save some money.
  6. The use of coupons and using what I have stored up has helped tremendously
  7. Working for the school district saves me 10% when I shop at Goodwill so that will help

All I know is that this will be a wonderful journey!


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